Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exciting News!

I have some updates with the Whip It 180 Fitness Challenge!  I received a phone call yesterday from a Des Moines Register reporter!  Right now we're playing phone tag but she has some questions for an article that she's writing about the challenge.  And I received an email from the Whip It 180 event manager that WHO Channel 13 news [along with Rebecca Meyer] will be coming to my house Thursday morning for an at-home interview taping!  So I'll definitely let you know when that is expected to air!  On top of all of that?  Rebecca and the Wellmark crew will be back to my house on Saturday afternoon for the Whip It 180 website's next video blog update!  One of my PA faculty said she was just waiting to see me on the cover of People's magazine... Bahaha, yeah right! :)

Don't forget to go to the Grand Blue Mile street run website to register for the race!  Registration is $25 for adults [which includes race entry, chip timing, an ASICS race shirt, individualized results and a commemorative certificate] and ends on April 22nd, which is about 2 weeks away!  Race day is April 26th, which is about 3 weeks away!  While you're at the website click on "Course Map" in the upper right hand corner!  It's an interactive race map... each star along the way is a landmark, and if you click on the star it will tell you about the landmark and how far into the race it is.  Pretty neat!

Click here for more information on the Grand Blue Mile street run and to register!

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