Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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WHIP IT: Former Biggest Loser contestant shows central Iowans how to get into shape at home

WHIP IT: Former Biggest Loser contestant shows central Iowans how to get into shape at home


NBC's reality hit, The Biggest Loser, continues to inspire viewers each week as the contestants step on the scale. Des Moines native Rebecca Meyer lost half her body weight on the show in 2009, taking home the $100,000 at home prize. Now, she's paying it forward by whipping others into shape.
Meyer weighed in at 279 pounds when she started at the ranch. She shed 139.5 pounds before the live finale. Now, she says, "I don't weigh 140 pounds anymore. I'm not going to tell you how much I do weigh, but I don't weight 140 pounds anymore."

Meyer says she's settled into a healthy weight and trying to help others do the same. She's a certified personal trainer and motivational speaker. She's currently working with Wellmark's Whip It 180 Fitness Challenge. She's training a group of finalists to run next week's Grand Blue Mile using the knowledge she gained on The Biggest Loser.

She says, "I literally show these people how to do it at home, how to take some of the wisdom, and some of the things I learned and just apply it to their lives."

Angela Nelson is one of the finalists Meyer is whipping into shape. She says, "I'm a student at Des Moines University in the Physician Assistant program." Nelson says she packed on the pounds when she started school and wants to get healthy for her future family and career. She says, "I've taken a close look at myself and realized I kind of need to practice what I preach to my patients."

Nelson says she regularly does Meyer's strength training moves and pounds the pavement for cardio. Nelson also wears a Body Bugg, like The Biggest Loser contestants. Nelson says, "It kind of tells you how many calories you're burning every day."

The program also stresses nutrition. All the finalists track what they eat in a food journal. Nelson says, "Just really taking the time to write down and measure everything you're eating."

Meyer says these are all things you can do at home. And, she's living proof it works.

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