Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rebecca's 4 Week Recap

As we drew to a close on week three, I got to meet with all of the contestants and check in with them – they have all come so far and I wanted them to see just how great they are doing. The contestants Wellmark chose for me to work with are truly giving their all! Now for the stats! In these few weeks, I must give props to everyone because they all have surpassed the 1 percent a week goals I set for them in the beginning! 

Based solely on inches lost Katie Borton is our top chica with a total loss of 12.5 inches!! These last couple of weeks have been up and down for this busy grad student! She got a new job and hit some food walls. With the support of her loving husband and the helping hand of our grocery store tour I think she is on track to KRUSHing her goals five pounds at a time. Did I mention she also is down 15.2 pounds?!  That’s 5.15 percent and counting. Expect GREAT things from this beautiful lady!

Based on total weight loss (as you’ve seen on “The Biggest Loser”) Angela Nelson is our top girlie at 6.29 percent, narrowly beating Russ (see more about his progress below).

Angela Nelson has hit the ground literally jogging down 14.4 pounds and 8.75 inches! I think this DMU student has discovered that working out and getting fit are things she and her husband can do together! I see amazing strength and determination in Angela and her future patients will benefit from her new-found knowledge. She has figured out meals but is looking forward to getting tips on quick snacks and lunches she can take with her before and after school! 

Taking all of the finalists on grocery tours has been my primary goal. Nutrition plays a huge part in the training regimen and getting all the participants to understand what foods they should be choosing is key.

Russ Gibson and I met later in the week because he was just getting back from a week down south!! Dealing with temptations like pecan pie and all the delicious fair Georgia and South Carolina had to offer. I am most proud he emerged from his midpoint mini-vacation relatively unscathed! This is a true testament to his sheer dedication to be there for the long haul for his family!  He is down 15.8 pounds the leader in pounds, which is 6.2 percent of his body and 11.75 inches off!  This savvy businessman has taken a great turn for healthy living and is going to be someone to time in that Grand Blue Mile!

Erin Feingold is such a beast … (meant in the best way possible)! This woman now rides her bike into and back to Altoona from their home in Bondurant to pick up her 3-year-old daughter Ellie! Running is not her strong suit because of knee and foot issues, so she is getting that “burn in” by biking he ‘lil heart out! Can anyone say RAGBRAI for this lady? I definitely know I want to follow her lead! But when we met this Saturday she was very worried about completion of the Grand Blue Mile. I assured her that her 11.5 inches lost and 15.2-pound loss (total percentage of weight loss is 4.99 percent) is going to inspire MANY others to push through injuries and prove that ANYHTING is possible!

Meeting Brad Feingold day one I knew there was work to be done. I know you may be saying to yourself “Yes Rebecca, these people are looking to lose some weight,” but for this misunderstood man it has been SO MUCH MORE!! Over the last couple weeks Brad and I have exchanged texts and e-mails about icing, exercising and food questions. But, most importantly, figuring out why he got where he is. Seeing him this Saturday and the loving look he had in his eyes while interviewing with his wife Erin was real food for my soul! He was regaining purpose. You could see it not only in his 10.4 pounds lost, 4.29 percent, and the 5 inches that’s gone, but he now has become a real part of his own existence. Going grocery shopping with him and his family last night was a good time. We found fruit snacks for his daughter Ellie and healthy versions of a pop tart for him.  He now realizes that making time for this new part of his life can be all right and I just can’t wait to see how far he pushes through his “old normal” to become the man he has stopped himself from being for so long!

Last but definitely not least is my little Rachel Tallman! When I first met Rachel she was the quieter of the two girls. She’s not a shrinking violet, but it wasn’t until we were in the oatmeal and cereal aisle that she really opened up!! Getting her on her own and seeing what really made this beautiful young woman tick was the best thing for our relationship!  I think she was able to tell me what scared her about going down this “healthy food journey” and how she just wanted to be a normal 19-year-old college student. This is a comment I hear A LOT! But the real question is … WHAT IS NORMAL? Why would you want to be anyone else’s normal? You can make time for working out and planning delicious food and sit and play video games with your friends! It NEVER has to be all or nothing. YOU are your own normal!

Rachel was worried at first about having “only” (her words) lost 8 pounds, which is 3.2 percent. Then she discovered that equated to 9 inches shed from her beautiful strong and (sore) new body! Rachel realized becoming healthy is a marathon and if she keeps up this fantastic pace she will hit the goals she wants and then some! I love that she is trying new sports like tennis (even if she swings a racket like a bat) and helping her friends around her get active! 

With (technically) one more week of the Whip It 180 Fitness Challenge, I have high-hopes for where ALL of these contestants are going to end up!

I feel very blessed to be a part of the changes they people are experiencing! And remember to ANY and EVERYONE out there … you can do WHATEVER you set your mind to! And most importantly, “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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